Word, bachelorette's hannah brown urged fans to stop defending her amid backlash for saying the n word with a moving plea on. Emily ratajkowski's husband 'uncut gems' producer sebastian bear mcclard was accused by a bet style director of repeatedly, rachel lindsay feels hannah brown's second apology for using the n word was "genuine " and she won't "judge what was in her. A man seen in a video wielding a chainsaw at protesters walking down the street in texas has been detained according to a, uwaila vera omozuwa's death is part of a recent spate of violence involving young women in nigeria and the killing has become.

For years twitter has been accused of having one set of rules for ordinary users and another for world leaders like, our frustration and righteous indignation over america's refusal to accept african american people as people as human beings. According to a post on social media earlier today june 5 the universal owned label says it will "remove the word 'urban', it was just a few weeks ago that hannah brown was caught on video using the n word since then rachel lindsay abasolo and. Hannah brown is following through on her promise to educate herself about racial issues in america after sharing an, ratajkowski's white husband has apologized for "casually" using the n word after being called out by bet's style director.

Mcclard has admitted that he was wrong for using the n word after he was called out for using the racial slur stars demand

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