Creativity, the actor and raconteur on june allyson alexander the great's horse and why he doesn't watch star trek. Reusing the soon to be empty j c penney space at the mall will take some creativity especially with the current state of, coronavirus needn't prevent anti racism activists and other protest movements from generating and manifesting mass support. Covid 19 means face masks are a must have item fashion designers are pivoting their companies to produce and often donate protective gear, it is a spontaneous response to the on camera death of a black man at the hands of a police officer in minneapolis minnesota.

Fostering the creative spirit is possible but challenging in new environment says jeff nock iowa creativity thinking is a critical factor in the ability, as the saying goes the show must go on and as far as theresa hammons is concerned so must national doughnut day. A mural of george floyd went from an idea to creation quickly thanks to a handful of milwaukee artists just as quickly as it, when after 70 days of suspension they said we could return to mass we immediately thought we had to do something useful.

As denton county officials reopen businesses and venues local visual arts organizations still face uncertainty about future, in trinidad and tobago creatives are finding new means of income and unique avenues for innovation in the entertainment. An idea that germinated between the stacks of books at the library blossomed into the creation of more than 350 face shields

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